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Drug Cases

The “War on Drugs” has taken its toll on many good families around the country. Drug charges vary depending upon the substance, the weight, and whether law enforcement is claiming the drugs at issue were for personal use or were meant to be sold. The punishment range for drug offenses can range from relatively small Class C offenses punishable by fine only, to First Degree Felonies where the maximum punishment is life in prison. It is important to note, however, that even relatively minor drug offenses can have severe collateral consequences that can include driver's license suspensions, restrictions on loans, and problems obtaining certain professional licensing.

These cases often hinge upon legal issues regarding search warrants, and, in cases that do not involve search warrants, whether the police performed a lawful search. Our team includes a former District Court Judge and a former head of the Harris County District Attorney's Office Organized Crime Section. Simply put, we have unique experience to fight these cases.

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